We won’t have it!
In this manner we ensure the quality of our seeds!

The many species and varieties of seeds, with which we trade, we buy from national (regional) and international farmers. While the professional grower cares that his tomato variety  produces much, durable fruit in the first place, for the amateur gardener rather the flavor and simple cultivation are important. Our customers benefit from the research of various nurseries, which produce varieties with improved characteristics in health, yield and increase health-promoting ingredients. To make ecological farming with substantial omission of pesticides possible, plants, among others, are grown with high disease resistance. We constantly monitor the market in terms of new breeds and incorporate continuously interesting varieties in our assortment for you.

With the purchase of  seed, the quality of the seeds is subject to certain legal and in-house parameters. This so-called commercial seed is spot checked at the receipt of goods in our company and these  seeds will be used for  various analyzes. These samples will be continuously  tested under our authority in independent laboratories according to international standards for germination, purity, moisture and defined pesticide residues. If a species falls below the prescribed limit of germination, this will by no means brought into circulation.

Furthermore, the purchased seed will be planted in our own, approx. 10,000 m2 sized reference garden  to verify the authenticity and purity. In this way we determine if the seed complies with the grower’s promises. In addition, the sample is kept in  reserve for inspection by authorities. In the manufacture of our seed packets we also do everything to ensure consistent quality. During the filling process the individual  filling weight is permanently controlled by our quality management system,, because we count every grain! 

The seeds are carefully processed by highly sophisticated machines, such as  “Single Grain Counting Instruments” , and accurately, with the provided number, filled into the seed bags  Our premium products , only restricted by the size of the seed grain, are filled beforehand in a germ protected bag with inspection window, to  protect  the delicate seed and thus to maintain the germination capacity. The enclosed type label also facilitates the identification of your seedlings. In a final step all the seed bags are provided with an expiration date and the lot number. This enables the tracking of the seed to the growing field!

The Gartenland Group  itself is also a manufacturer and propagator of seeds. Therefore we instruct growers to produce defined basic seed, which is one hundred percent a single variety. The quality of this seed is contractual secured  with farmers, because also here certain quality parameters must be met. But even this basic seed is not immune to the aforementioned control. "To trust is good, to check is better", corresponds exactly to our promise that we are committed to supply to our customers!

By our own conviction and also in the interest of our customers, we are preserving-grower of 67 traditional species and varieties. These include the regional and interregional well-known tomatoes "Harzfeuer" the  improved daughter "Harzglut" and the cucumber "Dragonfly". 

We take it to heart, to preserve typical characteristics that make up the variety and thus make an active contribution to the biodiversity of basic seed. Without our efforts some species would possibly be long vanished from the market! As a member of the Association of German Plant Growers  Association, we are also interested in the promotion of new technologies in plant research and variety development. A current, controversial disputed  topic in plant breeding is the genetic modification. We reject genetically modified crops on principle and face here  the responsibility not to carry these varieties / species in our assortment. Do trust us! We only sell seeds from plants that are based on classical plant growing, by crossing and selection. Even without genetic engineering, we are able to offer you a wide, high-quality brand assortment..

In short, we do everything to have you as a satisfied customer.

In case the  purchased seeds from the company Gartenland GmbH Aschersleben  do not meet your high standards, it stands to reason that we will replace each bag of seeds free of charge to the end of the expiry date.