We are a medium-sized, young, modern, active at European level group of companies, active in production and distribution of seeds and plants, perennials, bulbs, mini-greenhouses and other promotional items .  
The group includes the companies Gartenland GmbH Aschersleben , the distribution company Quedlinburger Seed mbH , the Florina GmbH and Gardenvision International in the Netherlands, specialist in flower bulbs.

The Gartenland Group disposes  since 2000 of  its own production in Aschersleben (Saxony-Anhalt), a sales office in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW), and a French subsidiary .  In Essen (NRW)  is the operational and strategic center of the company.  Here is the seat of the Sales executives offices, the overall controlling, financial accounting, key account management including sales support and customer service.

We have a future-oriented, high-performance network that simplifies our internal work, as well as the flow of business with our customers and partners significantly.  
Microsoft Navision offers fully integrated features for all business processes of our company and is the certainty of an internationally proven standard solution, along with the flexibility of a Individual solution. The vast majority of the available functions is based on standard processes. In addition to financial management it includes supply chain management, full support for marketing and sales, and service management as well as integration into all processes of e-business capabilities. In addition, Microsoft Navision offers us our own, powerful and well-proven development environment, so that the solution can be adjusted at any time when changing needs do arise. With our automatic guide cards system we can also reduce data volume and a short delivery time of 48  till maximum 72 hours.

Another  example of our strength is the cooperation with the external logistics service Krage & Gerloff. Since its founding ln 1995, the logistics company has grown sustainably and now has in Schwanebeck / Saxony-Anhalt 8,000 m² of logistics space.Witht a total of 3,000 m² of hall area and a 1,000 pallets storage capacity Krage & Gerloff store packaged seed, large- and fine sowing seeds as well as seed stands, displays and packaging material.

In 2008 the acquisition of the traditional company Quedlinburger seed mbH took place As   
a result the region's strengths were bundled and an enormous synergy potential developed. From time immemorial the region of Quedlinburg is a cradle of seed production and crop cultivation, marked by great successes in crop and vegetable cultivation.  
Through excellent soil conditions and a favoured,protected location in the rain shadow of the Harz, the area around Quedlinburg became an important region for seed production .  
Demonstrably  already in the mid-16th Century  intensive trading with sowing seed took place. Thus, over generations an extensive knowledge was built up and passed on. You can still benefit from it as a customer today!

The strong market position of the Gartenland GmbH Aschersleben is explained by consistent enforcement of modern principles in corporate governance.

Gartenland GmbH Aschersleben has:

• efficient and cost-efficient structures 
• direct and competent contact persons
• strict international orientation of the company 
• cost efficiency through collaboration with leading professionals from sectors involved in the distribution and sales

In this way, our customers always have a reliable partner at their side. Our goal is through joint developed concepts with the customer to open up revenue potentials and to secure them in the  long term.

We have the expertise, the capacity and the will to actively configure our markets.

We know that the success of our company is determined by how much we manage to contribute with our products and services to improve the business performance of our clients.

It is our intended goal to meet the current and future needs of a modern company in terms of efficiency and profitability. To this end we commit ourselves to our customers, our employees and the company alike.


Our management principles
Our activities are oriented in every respect to straightforward, relevant performance goals.

Personal responsibility and freedom to act feature our way to achieve these.

Through optimum deployment of the working areas we gain the level of performance and satisfaction of our employees.

The extensive, clear communication in our house forms  another best practice for our productive cooperation.

Our decisions at all levels are straightforward and appreciative.

To meet the ever increasing standard of our products and processes, we will be happy to listen unconditionally and are open to constructive criticism.

The behavior that we expect from our employees, should equal the example we set as managers.


Our corporate goals 
Existence security
We are an owner-managed, medium-sized company and secure existing jobs through adequate profitability.


The consistent implementation of customer requirements in the context of operational possibilities, we see as a decisive competitive advantage. The high customer satisfaction is reflected in our long-term supply relationships, the preservation of which has top priority for the company Gartenland GmbH Aschersleben.


The profit earned by us enables our growth and its related future investments.


Market-oriented, future-orientated products and services define our high standards. We provide the legitimate demands of our customers by modern production and management processes.


We characterize the relationships with our employees and business partners with a high requirement of  human interaction.


The duty to protect our natural resources, forms an essential sound basis of our company.


Our Mission Statement
Our company appreciates and respects naturally each and every employee.

In our team, everyone feels himself responsible for the company.

The challenge that the market constitutes, we encounter through continuous improvement and flexibility.

Every employee knows how to optimally deploy his contribution for the achievement of objectives..

Our success is based on the education and training of our employees.


This mission statement as well as  our goals and guiding principles apply to all employees 
- from trainees to management. 
Compliance can and should be demanded. 
For this purpose every door at our place is open!